Stay Safe and Pay Another Way!

Stay Safe and Pay Another Way

  • Online payments – Through a secure, third-party portal, you may set up online payment options of your choice, including one-time payments or recurring payments with your credit card, debit card, or bank account. Payments post the day we receive notification from the third party, usually within 24 hours. Visit the city’s website at and choose E-Services, or visit our payment site directly at  


  • Pay by phone - NEW!  Call 866-275-2460 toll free, and the automated attendant will allow you to hear your current balance and make a credit card payment over the phone.  


  • Bank draft – If you provide the City with your bank account information, around the tenth of each month we will draft the amount of your outstanding bill. Drafts post to your account on the 10th once they begin.

  • A Drop Box on the eastern side of the Mebane Municipal Building is available at all hours. Payments made to the dropbox will be posted by the end of the next business day.


  • Mail your payment in the envelope provided, and the City will post payment the same day we receive it.
Posted on 03/30/2020