Racial Equity Advisory Committee

The City of Mebane is committed to advancing racial equity.  A Racial Equity Advisory Committee made up of community members will be established to research, identify, and address racial disparities in all areas of our local government. To fulfill the purpose of good government this Committee will also advise and support Council and Staff in pursuing ongoing racial equity for all of Mebane’s citizenry through policies and procedures.

Applications will be accepted through March 10, 2021

Committee selections will be made at the April 5, 2021 City Council Meeting.

To apply online, please visit our Civic Rec Software or download, print, and e-mail an application to info@cityofmebane.com

Membership of the Racial Equity Advisory Committee is as follows:

The Committee shall be comprised of seven (7) members appointed by the City Council, for staggered two-year terms except that four (4) of the initial Committee shall be appointed for four (4) years. At least three (3) members must be residents of the City. Members may serve two full consecutive two-year terms. Except as to the three members living inside the City Limits, members may be residents of the City, City extraterritorial district or may live within one mile of the primary (non-satellite) corporate limits of the City. Members can be removed at the discretion of the City Council for good cause.

Members will serve staggered two year terms, except that four members will initially serve a four year term.

Term expires in December 2023
TBA Term expires in December 2023
TBA Term expires in December 2023
 TBA   Term expires in December 2025
TBA  Term expires in December 2025
 TBA  Term expires in December 2025
TBA Term expires in December 2025
Racial Equity Advisory Committee Overview and Application

Racial Equity Advisory Committee Ordinance