City Hall

City Hall

The City of Mebane is dedicated to providing excellent service to our vibrant community and to enhancing its exceptional quality of life. Whether you are new to the area or a lifelong resident, our city employees and city council are here to serve you. If you need to contact us, please call 919-563-5901 or email us.

Services for Residents and Businesses
Residents and businesses depend on us for essential services, such as water, sanitation, street maintenance, and police and fire protection. The city also coordinates planning and zoning and building inspections. Beautiful parks, an abundance of youth and adult recreational opportunities, and the Mebane Arts and Community Center all serve to enrich our community.

City Government
The City of Mebane operates with a City Council and City Manager form of government. The City Council includes the mayor and five council members who are elected by citizens of Mebane.

A Rich History
Along with its central railroad, the manufacturing of furniture and bedding contributed to Mebane’s early growth and development. The town traces its beginnings to the early 19th century when a post office was established in 1809. In 1855, the railroad arrived, and the town was incorporated in 1881 as Mebanesville. The name was officially changed to Mebane in 1883 and was amended to the City of Mebane in 1987.

Many historic homes and buildings have been preserved, while new neighborhoods, shopping areas, and international industry have helped create a dynamic community with a positively charming culture.

Mebane’s seal is a representation of the city’s natural beauty and historic charm. The central tree and dogwood blooms embody both Mebane’s landscape and popular Dogwood festival. Train tracks and elements from the front of a locomotive are representative of the role the railroad played in the development of the city. Mebane’s first manufacturing company, White Furniture, is depicted with the outline of a chair back. The city was incorporated in 1881, the same year that White Furniture opened. The typeface used for the year 1881 mirrors the sign on the White Furniture Building, which still stands in proudly in downtown Mebane.